Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Not Personal

At the lungs, I saw a soldier, wounded on the left side. I saw this very clearly. When I say "saw," I mean that this wounded soldier materialized energetically under my hands as I treated my client. I was reading information just as if the wounded man were lying on the table. When I moved to the client's shoulder and elbow, I got that he (the soldier) had lost his arm from the elbow down. This was confirmed when I reached the elbow and wrist.

By the time I moved to his hand, the story came together. I sensed/saw a grenade in his hand. I realized it must have exploded.

It felt like the arm was at war with itself energetically--lower arm with upper arm--and there was guilt in the hand, blame and contempt for it in the arm. As the Reiki flowed, they all seemed to be making peace with one another. After a time, I felt forgiveness between arm and hand: beautiful.

I did not go looking for any of this, but I had opened to it. I put my energy field at "2 % Kathryn," as I call it, and the rest was automatic. As the Reiki was running, all this ran with it.

I told this client about the past life after the treatment.

"Yeah, and I was shot at," he said: this life as a soldier wasn't news to him.

He'd mentioned pain in that arm at a prior session, and when I treated it, a woman had shown up, I remember--again, energetically. She seemed contrite, apologetic. Today, he tells me his mother broke that arm. Ah, there it is, I thought.

There was the lineage of this energy pattern--two lifetimes' worth, anyway. I understood when he shared this piece of the puzzle that it was the energetic unrest--the arm at war with itself--that drew the broken arm to him. None of this wounding was his fault, of course. He was blind to the pattern repeating itself--right up until the moment when he wasn't blind to it any longer.

Things happen to us, some of them unpleasant--some of them violent, even. Of course there is healing when a detrimental energy pattern is resolved. But beyond that there is the deep peace that can come from understanding the source of a pattern. It is important to realize that in the world of energy, likes, not opposites, attract. If my boundaries aren't clear for example, I vibrate the energy pattern "I have wiggly boundaries," and should not be surprised when people step over them. The energy is "dumb," and that's important to remember as well.

"This horrible thing happened to me: you should have compassion!" one might cry, as if such things happen at random. Such things happen because energy is reading energy all the time, matching with what it matches and bypassing what it doesn't match. The so-called "law of attraction" is not personal; it simply does what it does, without playing favorites and without exceptions. Still, some jump to blame at hearing this:

"You're saying I attracted that?!"

Did my client attract his broken arm? Did he want his mother to break his arm? No. He did not want his arm broken, and he did not attract the injury. But his arm did, his energy did, unbeknownst to him. Clearing that energy, he is free from drawing injury to it again. Then the war is over.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Manifesting on Air

I will be a featured guest of Victor Venckus once again this Saturday (October 8) on the Expanding Awareness show from 10 - 11:00 a.m. Boston time. Tune in to 90.3 FM or online to listen. My esteemed teacher, Walter Ness--master of the energetic realm, gifted clairvoyant, performer and poet--and I will be sharing from our experience of working with the energy, and offering methods for immediate manifestation.

I hope you will join us--and maybe even chime in when Victor opens the phone lines in the latter half of the program. After Saturday, the show will be available via the wzbc archive for the next two weeks (until October 22). Once you enter the archive, simply scroll down to Saturday October 8th 2011, 10:00 a.m. Expanding Awareness, and click "Listen."