Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No Past, No Future

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One continuous present, time as a construct versus reality: I have understood these concepts intellectually--even deeply so. But my understanding remained intellectual until relatively recently. It is one thing to know or say there is no past or future, to say "there is no time;" it is another to live it. Reiki grounds my understanding in direct experience.

Consider these words I encountered while reading on Kabbalistic thought as it relates to the concept of time:
Only by transcending the boundaries of "created time," even in its profoundest sense as a continuous present moment, can we approach the true nature of reality.
So what is the true nature of reality?

Last week I felt a crushed leg under my hands during a Reiki treatment--not the physical leg, but the... energetic leg--a "previous" leg, I presumed. Was it the leg of a "past" life? Might it have been the leg of a "future" life? Such distinctions are irrelevant in the continuous now, in "no time." What was and is relevant is that my client's leg needed Reiki now. Perceiving the crushed leg, I knew why.

I know it sounds peculiar and perhaps dramatic to say I sensed a crushed leg under my hands, especially when the leg I touched is not crushed at all. But what can I tell you? I don't go looking for such phenomena. Reiki simply knows what It's doing, and when something like this shows up, it shows up for a good reason.

My client is no stranger to metaphysical phenomena, thankfully. So when I share my finding with her afterwards, she gets it. Together we make the connection to "current" trouble with that leg, in this "present" lifetime. I watch something go "click" in her energy field. That click is the injury pattern becoming unnecessary--expiring, so to speak. It needn't recur any longer. Awareness has replaced blindness. Consciousness is awake to something it was ignorant of just moments earlier. Conditions and beliefs can--and do!--play themselves out again and again in the background over many lifetimes. But once a pattern is revealed, the jig is up!

Relating to the "past" as present puts a whole different slant on healing. The components of "previous"--and even "future"--lives become integral to our well being now. And in the timeless now, we have direct access to them all.

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