Monday, June 24, 2013

Reiki Heals. Do You?

Hit a bi-i-i-g pothole while driving and what happens?  There goes your wheel alignment!  It doesn't matter whether you had that alignment yesterday or a year ago:  if it's messed up it's messed up, and you are going to need another.

Reiki is like that wheel alignment, it occurs to me.  It works.  It does the job, balancing, clearing, healing.  But what happens after a treatment, after the client leaves the table?

A surgeon can cut out a lung cancer, but what if the patient continues to chain smoke after surgery?  The patient or client must act to support their wellness if they wish to maintain it.   Persist in doing what supports your imbalance, disease, or illness however and you will experience more imbalance, disease, illness. 

Collaboration is the operative word!  You have the power to be well, right now.  And Reiki is there--here--to assist as needed. 

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