Friday, September 23, 2011

Reflected Essence

"How did you see her spirit?" my mother asked me today about her beloved feline companion of 16 1/2 years that she'd just "put to sleep."

"It was in a Reiki treatment," I reminded her. "It's hard to describe. I see an image, or get a sensation, or sometimes I hear things. It happened with a client yesterday," I continued, and told her the story.

"Do you have a creative expression?" I'd asked A. after her session. Her eyes lit up: "Yes!" she exclaimed. "Photography. But I'm not doing much with it lately." I told her I could feel it pulled deep into her, wanting to get out. I could feel a sort of energetic limpness in her arms, and a lot of heat in her hands. I knew she was either a healer (known or unknown to her), a musician, or an artist--that she did something with her hands, or was destined to.

I encouraged her to let it out. To stay aware this is inside of her wanting expression. I could've said, "It's Life (or Love) wanting Its way with you. Let It have it!" but I didn't, not exactly. She got the message just the same, and seemed very grateful for it.

Ditto M., who I treated next. This was her second session, and although she looked familiar and I recognized her name, I remembered her circumstances only when I laid on hands. I remembered she was looking for work, as a Nanny, because I felt again the energy of love and nurturing through and through her: she is the Nanny any loving, responsible parents would want to care for their children!

"Have you found work yet?" I inquired after the session. I expected not, because I felt her energy, her pure heart, her love and nurturing had retreated some since the previous week, and her "No" confirmed she had not.

"It feels like you're losing heart a bit: don't. You're a natural at this work," I told M. "You have so much love and nurturing in you, but you're not letting it all the way out: let it out," I encouraged her. "They'll see it, and they'll hire you."

"Let them see who you are; rather than trying to sell yourself, just BE. Be yourself," I'd told her the previous week. But this week I realized, when I felt her energy more pulled in, that I could be more precise about what I'd meant. She got it. And, like A., she looked very happy to receive the information and encouragement.

I think it is good to share such information when it presents itself. Who among us hasn't felt confused, or blundering, or discouraged? Who among us hasn't lost sight at one time or another of our own essence, gifts, nature? It is deeply affirming to hear and see our essence reflected back to us (or, in the case of my mother, the essence of her beloved, newly deceased companion). It is a comfort, and a reminder that there is always more than meets the eye.

I have no doubt: if those prospective employers saw what my hands "saw" in M., they would have hired her on the spot! It behooves us to let ourselves be seen. Can you imagine a flower hiding its petals? It wouldn't think of it! And neither should we.

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