Monday, March 11, 2013

New Moon, New Start

Today's New Moon energies can be like wind at our backs if we make use of them.
"This year's Pisces New Moon is especially powerful for many reasons. Just as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the next sign, Aries, is the beginning of the new astrological year.  Since we are in an inverted moon cycle ...the seeds we plant at this Pisces New Moon will bear fruit during the next Full Moon [in 2 weeks, on March 27]... What has your soul been longing for?   Plant the seed of that desire--Mars the warrior the very last degree of Pisces at this New Moon...will help you." (source)
“The Pisces New Moon message is to follow our heart. Only the heart can make our dreams come true. We need to stay out of the ego mind. We are to live from our heart. “ 
~Copyright 2013 ~Kelley Rosano
"Take just five minutes for yourself today, to place new intentions. Quiet the distractions around you, closing your eyes and ears to the outside world. Center on your inner energy, aware of how far your heart has traveled to reach this point in your life. Compare your feelings from four weeks ago, to this moment in time." (source)
What has your heart and soul been longing for?  Dare to dream it.  Now.

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