Friday, March 1, 2013

Unwelcome Energy

A client wrote me recently with a question.  She is considering Reiki training and wondered if  " allowing [Reiki] energy to flow in, a negative or unwanted energy might also be able to enter."  It's a good question, and a perfectly valid concern. 

The fact is, we live in an energy soup:  all sorts of energies are affecting us all the time.   We can't so much as look at a person without our energy entering them.  You've experienced this when you've felt eyes penetrating from behind you and it caused you to turn around.  Enter a room where an argument has just occurred and you will sense tension in the air.

Situations like these aren't particularly bothersome.  But there are times when an energy latches on:  something enters and stays, and it interferes with our well being.  All of us are prey to errant, unwanted energies entering our energy fields just walking around in life.  Reiki can clear these disturbances.  My client was reassured to learn that opening to Reiki energy could only benefit her.

With or without Reiki, we can only be victims of the world of energy when we fail to exercise our privilege to participate with it, to actively engage it.  The range from novice to master in doing so is but a matter of degrees. Protection from--or intrusion by--unwanted energies can even be as near as your next thought.  To quote author and entrepreneur Mike Dooley, "Thoughts become things:  choose them wisely!"

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