Friday, January 4, 2013

Story Telling

This message presented itself during a recent client treatment, a client with a long-standing complaint.  I share it here because it relates to so many of us.  It is good to be reminded that whatever it is that dogs us, that follows us around despite our best intentions, remedies, advancements in consciousness and etcetera, is there by our invitation. 
You cannot have relief from a story
you keep telling.
The refrain of our complaint--not enough money, work, health, love--is actually our key.  It either keeps us confined or gives us our freedom, depending upon how we use it.  Lament it oh no, not you again and nothing changes.  Recognize it as key, take that key in hand and use it, and voila:  freedom!

We are always our own jailers.  We are always possessed of the choice to either keep a complaint around by keeping its story going, or setting it free, and ourselves along with it.  We just cannot keep eating horsehair expecting it to be anything other than dry dry dry.  Well, we can, but it won't do us much good!

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