Sunday, April 19, 2015

Distance Reiki

It may be incredible for some to think that Reiki can travel long distances and still be as powerful and effective as it is hands on.  Not so for practitioner and recipient, however.  One need only experience distance Reiki to know this first hand.

A client's belief that Reiki works beyond space and time is not even required for its efficacy.  And though I need no proof, it's always lovely to hear and see corroboration from clients--as I did most recently from Helen, who scheduled distance Reiki in advance of her cataract surgery.  She knew that without it, she'd be a nervous wreck both the day(s) prior and right up to the moment of surgery, as that was her history without exception.  She wanted instead to be "to be calm and peaceful and that the surgery be successful."

There are ways to deliver Reiki at the perfect time and place even if that time and place is different than the one in which my treatment is taking place, and I employed them in Helen's case (I share with her permission), as requested.  In the absence of doubt, it is accomplished.  Without any direct or even recent contact between us, I treated Helen on Monday, and her Reiki was "delivered" in perfect timing, throughout that evening and right up to the moment of her surgery (it can interfere adversely with surgery--the only time I know of that Reiki is ill-advised) the following day.  I knew this was so, and so it was.  Still, I was glad to receive word from Helen two days later:
I was very aware that the Reiki would be delivered at the "appropriate  time" as that's what you had said--so I was very supported and confident that I was being treated at the appropriate time--everything went excellently… Thanks so much kathryn...amazingly I had absolutely NO ANXIETY the day before or on the day of surgery that I was aware of and that for me who has severe "white coat syndrome" was amazing--as I said everything went perfectly and so I am very grateful... I couldn't believe that right up to wheeling me into the OR I had no anxiety...the day before i did have a tremendous surge of energy..8 hours of house cleaning ..ha ha ha..and great focus preparing to be away from home for 2 days...  Reiki is a wonderful thing.
Love and Blessings, Helen
I have had the privilege to treat in this way those I've known and those I've never met, both near and far:  as near as my own living room, when my cat was ill and wouldn't tolerate hands-on Reiki, and as far as France and Denmark, for example.  Truly, there are no limits in time or space, with energy healing modalities such as Reiki.  The "past" can be treated, the "future" can be treated:  people, animals, situations, relationships--in this lifetime and beyond, wherever there is a need for healing.

I couldn't agree more:  Reiki is a wonderful thing.

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