Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rethinking Cancer

I have stopped making donations to cancer research.  The truth of the matter is that cancer has been cured many times over, but such discoveries are promptly suppressed, one way or another.  Chemotherapy is the go-to allopathic treatment for cancer, but it is no cure.  My understanding is that it wreaks havoc on--all but destroys--the immune ‘system’.  The trouble with this, I understand, is that cancer arises when immunity is compromised to begin with.  Beating it down to all but nil seems to be the last thing you’d want to do.  

I remember a brief conversation I had with a cancer researcher (scientist) at a party several years ago.  I asked her if, in their search for a cure, they were looking at metaphysical aspects, given these make each case (cause) so individual.  For my part, I couldn’t see how their work could succeed without considering that.  It was an innocent remark, not intended to offend.  She gave me an odd look, a mix of incredulous, angry, and guilty, then walked away.  That's when I first got that my views and understandings are unpopular in the mainstream community.  

In recent years, I have done a good deal of research into (among other things) causes and adjunct if not alternative treatments for cancer.  I decided to compile my findings into a list, which I will add to and subtract from over time, as prompted. Write me if you would like a free copy of this list.  Note:  I cannot and do not personally vouch for all of its content:  use your own discretion!  All I can say is that it all resonates with me based on what I see and understand from years of energy practice, professionally and otherwise.  

As an introduction to “rethinking cancer,” I recommend viewing at least this first video, and maybe all three, as a sort of orientation.  Then request and have a look at the other material if so inclined:

Cancer is not Trying to Kill You, It is Trying to Save You”:

$1.32 to cure yourself of incurable diseases yourself (HIV, Cancer, Epstein-Barr, Lupus, Hepatitis, Herpes, AIDS…)

What Really Causes Cancer:

It is a journey.  For best results while making the journey, take a holistic approach.  Look at your consumption (via mouth, eyes, and ears), exercise (or lack thereof), environmental factors (including % of time spent in Nature), nutrition, sleep, emotional factors (e.g., do you stuff stuff?), job satisfaction, stress level, fear/worry level, where you place your focus in life, what you think about (thoughts are things, and we create with them).  Don’t “fight” or “battle” cancer; instead, listen.  Get the message, the gift, because there is one.  Your body is talking to you.  To quote from above, cancer is not trying to kill you, it’s trying to save you.  Replace fear and/or resistance with Love.

Western Medicine so often treats symptoms (effects) vs. causes, when an illness or disease is an effect, a result. This has obvious limitations.  Better to identify the cause(s), and to address the cause(s) not the effects.  Consider your "result" as you read or view this material.  Can you trace it back to causes? 
If so, you can then better intuit* which if any of these treatments might be best for you.  At the least, let this material trigger your own inquiry and exploration, to suss out--bushwhack, if necessary--the path of healing that is right for you.

One last note. Keep in mind that one can be healed without being cured, just as one can be cured without being healed.

To your health!

*If your intuition is weak, seek out a dowser or similar practitioner like myself to listen for you.

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